Assigning Units

Units must be assigned to specific athletes to be used, be it yourself or someone else.

Triton 2 Units are meant to be used by the same athlete over the long term. This is because the unit has A.I. that learns about the swimmer's unique movement style and performance, and becomes more accurate with that athlete over time.

Once you have added a unit to your membership, then you can assign it to a specific athlete for their use, be that yourself or someone else.

Currently, this can only be done on a laptop or desktop computer from any compatible browser. 

Only the owner of a unit can assign it to a user.

If you have received a unit from someone else and did not activate it yourself, please check with them to ensure it is properly assigned to you. 

Assigning Units from your Memberships section of your Settings.

  1. Navigate to TritonWear from any supported web browser on a laptop or computer.
  2. Click the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen, and select Settings.
  3. In Settings make sure you are in the Memberships section which looks like this:
    Desktop - Settings - Memberships
  4. Here you will see all your paid memberships (if you have any), and Units you own and have activated at some point will be displayed as either Assigned (Membership Summary), Unassigned, and Deactivated. Only units listed in the Unassigned Units section can are available to be assigned to a swimmer. Select a unit from this list by pressing Assign. The following pop up will appear:
  5. You will be able to select from a list of people who a) you have a shared team associate with and b) are not currently assigned to a unit.  Match the athlete with the unit and press Save.
  6. If the activation is successful you will see a success message.
    If the activation is unsuccessful, you will see an error message indicating what went wrong, and the option to close or retry. Take note of the error and either adjust the input number or contact support if you are not sure what to do next.
  7. Once you receive a Success response, move on to the next unit to be assigned, or if you are all done adding units, your next steps will be to update their firmware if it's a new unit, otherwise the unit should be ready for use.