Best Practices

Swimming with TritonWear can be easy, but to get the best out of it here are some best practices to keep in mind.

Ensure Strong Starts and Finishes

Go upright immediately at the end of a rep; stay upright with minimal head motion for at least 3 seconds

Dive Starts

As you climb up onto the blocks for a dive start, pause, standing upright, for 1 - 2 seconds before diving. This will ensure it doesn't include the time you spend from leaving the deck in your lap time.

Strong Push-offs 

Similarly, when you leave the wall at the beginning of each rep, do so with purpose. Be strong in your push-off and hold a solid streamline to take off quickly. This will to ensure the unit recognizes you've begun swimming.

Swim the Prescribed workout 

Swim complete reps before stopping - don’t stop mid-rep or mid-lap. Stopping mid-lap will cause unexpected metrics, as the unit calculates assuming you swam the whole lap. Stopping mid-rep will cause the workout to build out as though you swam two reps. So if you the set is a 4x200, and you swim 3x200, and 2x100, this is what the app will reflect. 

Hit Pace Times

The unit captures swimming as it happens, if you don't stop between reps, it will think you are still swimming the same rep and will build your workout this way.