Capturing and Adding Media

A picture is worth 1000 words, and a video even more. So here is the simple way to add picture or video media files to workouts.

Attaching videos and photos of technique, workout buildouts, or a screenshot of the app is often desired to help add context to reviewing later. These videos and photos can be set to Public so your entire team can view them later on TritonWear Insights, or Private so only you can see them.  You also have the option to send them to Support so that the TritonWearengineering team can help you with any issues you might be seeing.

To upload during a workout:

  • Tap the paperclip icon in the top middle of the tablet tile view or from a phone tap theUntitled design (21)in the upper right and select attachment.
  • A dropdown will appear with the following options to choose from:
    • Take photo to upload (takes a new photo)
    • Take video to upload (takes a new photo)
    • Upload media from library (select a photo or video from the devices camera roll)
    • Edit attachments (opens all attached media items to adjust privacy and/or send to support)
  • After capturing or uploading a photo or video, the next step is to set the privacy settings
    • Selecting Public allows the entire team to see it, while Private makes the file viewable by your profile only
  • Finally, choose if the file should be shared with TritonWear support
    • Turning this option ON notifies us you'd like us to review the workout (this is a great way to provide a written workout if automatic buildouts aren't as expected)
Tablet_EW 5

To upload at the end of a workout:

  • If desired, photos and videos can be uploaded or taken as the workout is being wrapped up
    • To do this tap the + symbol in the upper right corner of the screen you see right ending the workout (end workout screen)
    • The same options as during a workout will be available, following the same process as above to capture or select an existing picture or video to attach to the workout