Creating Your Account

Register with TritonWear to access the platform, the tools and all your data.

First, you'll need to determine how you are registering. There are two ways you can sign up for an account with TritonWear. So, choose the option that applies to you below and follow the instructions:


Note: You can only complete the registration process from a browser (ideally chrome) on your laptop/ computer. 


Signing up on your own

Step 1: Complete registration

Shortly after completing your purchase, you'll receive an email with the following:

  • A summary of your order 
  • The links to download the TritonWear app for Apple or Android.
  • A link to complete your registration

Follow the registration link (sent via email) to create a password and complete the registration process.

Step 2: Setup Your Profile

When completing your profile, you'll need to provide some information about yourself. It is essential to register the correct information such as your age, gender, and height as they are frequently used to calculate your metrics and scores.

If you do not use TritonWear to track your own swimming, you will need to gather your swimmer(s) information and answer these questions accurately.

After you've successfully registered your account and created your profile:

  • You'll receive an email asking you to verify your account.
  • You will also receive a series of 5 emails that will help you get the most out of your TritonWear experience, so look out for them in your inbox.

Note: You will not be able to log in to the app until you have verified your account.


Registering from an Invitation

Step 1: Complete registration

Somebody has sent you an email inviting you to register to TritonWear and join their team. The email contains a couple of essential items like: 

  • The links to download the TritonWear app on your Apple or Android  for phone or tablet
  • And a registration link you must follow to finish creating your profile 

Step 2: Register the correct information

In this second step, you need to fill out your contact information and other information like your Age, Height and Gender. Keep in mind that it's essential to fill it out accurately as some calculations are based on factors like height, age and gender.

If you are not a swimmer yourself, please try to answer these as best as possible.

Last, after you've completed your profile, you'll receive an email asking you to verify your email address. It is crucial that you do so in order to be able to log in.

Step 3: Accept Invitation

Registering from an invite email does not automatically accept the invitation. You must return to the original email and click accept again from a browser on your laptop/ computer or push notification on your tablet/ mobile device.

Note: If you cannot find the original invitation email, ask your coach to resend the invitation.