Duplicating Sets, Reps, and Laps

How do I duplicate or add a set/rep/lap?

First, open the workout detail view for the workout you'd like to delete. To do so, you will either:

  • Click on an athlete's name from the workout card in your dashboard feed
  • Select the swimmer from the Users list in the left-hand menu, then select the workout from the athlete's dashboard workout feed

Once you are in the detailed workout view, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the edit icon (pencil) for the workout
  2. Click Edit Sets/Reps next to the set you want to modify
  3. Click the Duplicate icon next to the set/rep/lap in question
  4. You should now see two of the same set/rep/lap. You can modify each of the two objects to represent the state you want to see
  5. Fill in the reason for the modification
  6. Confirm the final workout by clicking Save

Here is a GIF showing a coach duplicating a 25m rep:

duplicating rep


  • The ability to duplicate or add a set/rep/lap is limited to coaches — swimmers are unable to duplicate or add sets/reps/laps
  • Duplicating and adding sets/reps/laps is not possible on the TritonWear mobile app yet. Please log in to TritonWear from your computer, or use the TritonWear tablet app to do so.