Create a Team

Creating a team is necessary if you want to share your results or view Scores and results of other people

Unless you plan to be a solo swimmer in the system (which is also quite common among TritonWear users) you will want to join or create some teams so that you can share your results with coaches and other teammates. Currently creating and managing team memberships is only available through your browser on laptop or Desktop. Generally if you are an athlete you may not need to create a team, but to join teams that are already created. However TritonWear does not limit how many teams you can create or join, and you have many options.

Creating a brand new team

Go to your Teams page in your Settings. Your main Teams Landing Page could be an empty screen or a screen with your Team memberships.

teamsorIf you want to create a team at this level you will see the "Create a Team" button in the top right corner.

Note that if you create a team here, this would be considered the top level of a new organization and you will be the Team Owner. If you want to create a team within another team or organization, that should be done with the "Create a Team" button inside that specific Team Hub. Instructions for that can be found below.

When creating a team you will be asked to fill out the following information:

Teams - Create TeamPlease fill it out as best as you can and "Save". Now that you have created a team you may want to invite others to join your team and then assign then roles in the Manage Members tool.

Creating a team within a team or organization

If you want to create a team within another, you must have a Admin or Coach role within that team.

To create a team within another you must click the Create a Team button WITHIN that team's Team Hub. Your Team Hub should be easily recognizable (see image below) as it will have your Team Structure and Calendar on the left and options for Activity Feed and Athletes in the middle.

Desktop - TEAM Athlete View Feed - Coach Hub

Please make sure you are creating a team within the correct level. A simple structure with one main organization and several squads will not  be difficult to create but organizations that wish to replicate the pyramid or tree structure of a National Federation need to be careful that they are creating teams at the correct level.


In the example above, a team created at the B level will create a new team in the C group. If you were to create a new team from the C group you would create a sub-squad in the D level.

Within TritonWear that might look something like the example below. In the left hand menu for Team Structure, the top level has been labelled as A, then within that there is a B level with two teams and a C level with 4 squads. To make one more C squad you must press Create a Team when looking at a B level and you can even go down more levels by creating a team when you have selected a C level. You can tell which team you have currently selected by the colour of your selected team on the left hand menu and by the blue writing about your Activity Feed tab. 

TeamstructureegThere is no set limit to how many levels of teams you can create but as a general guide you should try to recreate the real life structure you are working with, and know there is the flexibility to add additional layers and create breakout groups at different levels if needed.