Compare to Myself and Compare to Swimmers "Like Me"

The Focus will let you choose if you want to compare your performance to your own averages or to other swimmers like you.

The Focus tool will give you different scores for your phases and metrics, based on which "Compare" option you have chosen.

Focus is based on your technical execution and is linked to objective metrics, but your Focus Scores are not objective scores. They are scores relative to your own average performances OR relative to other's performances. That is where the "Compare" function comes into play.

Compare to Myself

Our A.I. builds a profile of your average speeds and execution. It knows if you usually take 12 strokes to do a lap of 50m freestyle or if your average depth on pushoff is 60cm below the surface.

Focus sees how you performed in your most recent workout and gives you scores that tell you if you have done better or worse, compared to your usual performance.

This is a good way to see how you performed in a single training, or to see if you are progressing in the short term.

Compare to "Like Me"

You can also compare yourself to other swimmers "Like Me" (based on similar gender, height, and speeds to you). 

This will show you if your technical execution of a specific metric is considered strong, in a more objective sense, by looking how you stack up to your peers. This will be very useful for seeing what specific skills are your strengths and weaknesses, and identifying progress and plateaus so you can adjust your training accordingly.