How Focus Score is calculated

Your Focus score summarizes how well you executed your technical skills compared to a baseline of your own past performances or those similar to yours.

TritonWear's A.I. takes a huge amount of data and breaks it down into more digestible numbers based on comparisons to your past performances ("Myself") and averages for swimmers like you ("Like Me"). In this case, swimmers "Like Me" refers to those with similar height and speed to yourself.

Focus builds an overall profile of the swimmer from all of their recorded swimming, allowing it to identify the core splits and smooth out the odd metrics produced by drills, equipment use, or data collection errors. Focus may not be available right away for new users and must be unlocked because TritonWear needs to learn about you before it can assign you any scores.  Focus needs a minimum of 20 laps per stroke type to calculate Focus for that stroke type. The more you use it, the faster it will become unlocked and also the more accurate it will be.

Keep in mind, Focus Scores are not based on OBJECTIVE criteria, rather on RELATIVE criteria. Therefore a child having a great day and swimming a 50m freestyle in 30 seconds could have a higher focus score than an Olympian having an off day and swimming the same in 24 seconds. Average performances are set around 75, and anything above 75 can be considered a positive workout where some progress over your average has been made.