How Teams Work

Teams allow you to choose who's results you see, who sees yours, to recreate real-life teams and squads, and much more.

Teams in TritonWear are how you can share your results with other people, whether they are coaches, parents, administrators, or other swimmers. If you want someone to see how you are doing in the pool, you need to be on a team with them in TritonWear.

However, it is perfectly fine to use TritonWear as a solo swimmer. Team memberships are not mandatory; if you are a solo swimmer who wants to be able to see others and be seen, you can always join TritonWear's International Fit Squad!

If you do plan on joining teams, here are some key points to keep in mind.

1. You can create or join as many teams as you want. You can also leave teams, but you cannot delete teams without the help of TritonWear Support.

2. Any Coach, Admin, and Support staff on your teams can see team members' results. You can also control your privacy (if your fellow Athletes see your data).

3. If you create a team, you are the owner of that team. You are responsible for managing members within that team and creating the overall structure within the team. You can assign roles of Admin, Coach, Athlete, or Support Staff to other members of that team. Admins and Coaches will also have certain permissions to help you manage the team.

4. You can create teams within teams, as subdivisions, regions, or squads. This allows teams to mimic real-life structures from National Federations to local clubs or schools with different squads.

5. If a team (e.g. squad) is created outside of an existing team structure (e.g. club), it cannot be merged in after the fact. It has to be created within the Team Structure and Hierarchy from the outset.