Intensity Score

Intensity is how TritonWear tells you how heavy or easy your day's workout has been.

The Intensity Score will answer the questions: How intense was my session? How hard did I train today?

This will be calculated by metrics such as speed, distance, and active time vs rest time during a workout and then simplified into a single number. TritonWear uses AI to learn from your previous workout intensities and sets a baseline around 75 for your usual speed, distance swam, and intensity levels, while also adjusting to your new averages as you improve or train harder more regularly.


You will be shown Intensity scores per stroke type and per lap to see in what phase of practice you have been going harder or easier. It will also show you graphs plotting your Intensity scores over time and give you recommendations about how you are training and if you should increase or decrease your intensity in the next week.


How will this help you improve?

By having a simple score that can be used as feedback to track the intensity of training, you can adjust your training schedule to make sure you are building up or tapering properly as planned. It’s not just about pushing your body to the brink of exhaustion - it’s about using the Intensity score to strike a balance and ensure you are working as hard as you wish to be in a particular workout or drill. Intensity Score takes the guesswork out of how hard you trained and should train to keep pushing yourself and improving.