Joining a Team

You can join any team that sends you an invitation from an app push notification or from within your Teams page. Let us show you how.

Joining Teams

To join a team, first, an Admin or Coach on the team will need to invite you to join. When they do this, either or both of these two things may happen:

  1. If you are logged into the TritonWear app on your phone or tablet, the invite will trigger a push notification
  2. A pending team invitation will appear on your teams' page

You can accept the invitation using either of these two methods. 

From a Push Notification

Step 1: Tap the Notification



Tapping the notification on your tablet or phone will open the app and immediately show you the Accept Invitation pop-up. It will look like this:


Step 2: Accept the Invite 

Tap Accept to join that team. The person who invited you will be notified, and you will now join workouts with that team, set it as your default team and control who on the team sees your data in your Settings.

Note: You are in complete control of what teams you are a member of and what those teams' members can see about you.

If you do not see the notification in your notifications tray on your tablet or phone, or you accidentally swipe it away, you can always find your Team Invite under your Team Page .


From Your Teams Page

Alternatively, you can also accept a team invite directly from your Teams page on a tablet and computer/laptop.

Step 1: Log in to the TritonWear app 

Open the TritonWear app on your tablet, or log in using a browser on a laptop or computer. 

Step 2: Visit your Teams page 

From the left menu tap on the Vector Teams icon from the left menu 

Step 3: Hit Accept 

Inside Teams, you'll see teams with pending invitations first, select the team you wish to join and tap or click accept. 

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