Focus Metrics and Metric Progress

Understand your Focus metrics, so you can identify strengths and weaknesses and monitor progress

Focus will give you scores for most (but not all) metrics that are recorded when tracking a Live Activity. We have some helpful articles that can help you understand your metrics if you are not sure. In your Focus tab, you can see the following metrics under each of the three phases:



Scores for metrics in Focus work a little differently than seeing raw metrics in your Activity Details. An average performance in any metric/skill will result in a score of around 75. Anything lower can be considered below average, and anything higher, above average.


Those scores are not objective numbers but relative ones. That is because these metric scores are based on comparisons that will show you different scores depending on which Compare option you select. Compare to "Myself," will give you scores relative to your own average performances in that metric. Compare to swimmers, "Like Me" will give you scores relative to an aggregation of other swimmers that share similar characteristics to yourself (gender, height and speed range). Make sure you pay attention to which Compare option you have selected as these tell you very different things.




In Focus, your metrics are still divided into three phases: Overwater, Underwater, and Transitions. However, instead of giving you the raw metrics collected, Focus will give you a score for each Metric. You will get different scores for every metric and every phase, depending on the Stroke type you are viewing. By clicking on the stroke icon beside the main Focus Score, you will change which set of metrics is displayed.


Focus Gif (2)

By selecting Compare to "Myself," you will see your metric scores relative to yourself. It will be a good way to identify if you had a good performance in a specific skill in your latest practice. Keep in mind that your average performance that TritonWear uses as a baseline will also evolve and progress in time.

By selecting Compare to swimmers "Like Me," you will be able to see your metric scores relative to your peers, which will be very useful for identifying strengths and weaknesses. This tool is already comparing you to swimmers with a similar speed profile to yourself, so you may not see as much movement in some metrics, but through your high and low metric scores, you will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in a more objective sense.