Overwater Time

A look at what overwater time is, how it's measured, improved and what the typical range we see for this metric is.

What is Overwater Time? 

Time in the overwater phase is the longest portion of each length, both in duration and distance. It lasts from breakout to the last stroke. It is an important metric paired with other overwater phase metrics like Stroke Rate and DPS.

How is it Measured?

Time in the overwater phase is measured from the moment the head exits the water to the last stroke entry. 

What is a good Overwater Time? 

Overwater time on its own is challenging to quantify. The best way to use it is in relation to Speed Overwater. If your Speed Overwater is increasing, extending your Time Overwater is good. Still, if you’re stronger in your underwater work, it may make sense to try to reduce your Overwater Time until you can improve your overwater skills. 

How to Improve Overwater Time? 

You cannot simply reduce your Overwater Time on its own. This is an output metric impacted by the other overwater skills and your underwater phase. To see an improvement here, you either need to work on remaining underwater longer (without sacrificing speed underwater) or adjust your speed overwater.