Percent Underwater

A look at how TritonWear measures Percent Underwater, what is considered good vs bad, and how to improve it.

What is Percent Underwater? 

This is as it sounds, the percentage of time spent underwater vs above water during a length. 

How is it measured? 

This is a derived metric calculated by dividing the time underwater by the total time for the lap. 

What is a good Percent Underwater? 

In isolation, a higher percent underwater sounds ideal, however, this is entirely dependent on the swimmer's strengths. If they are fast and powerful underwater, then higher is better, however, if they have limited power underwater, a lower percentage will be beneficial until other skills are perfected. 

Typical Range Chart

The chart below shows where the general population falls for Percent Underwater, with the values shown representing a percentage out of 100. Check out the results for each stroke type and pool length below. 

Percent Underwater

How to Improve Percent Underwater? 

Improving percent underwater is as simple as staying underwater for a larger portion of your length. However, this does not necessarily equate to a good idea.