Pricing Guide

TritonWear pricing information and volume discounts

TritonWear is based around an annual membership fee which costs $188/year per athlete, and that includes a free Triton 2 unit for each athlete membership. We have free shipping once you get past 5 memberships, otherwise shipping costs $25 USD (per order, not per unit).

Unfortunately at this time we cannot offer any trial or test units. Coaches and parents who wish to have a membership to our system but will not be swimming with a unit themselves can sign up for free. Also all updates and new features released within the time frame of your annual membership will be included at no additional cost.

Volume Discounts

There are volume discounts offered for larger bulk purchases as follow (all prices in USD):

# of Units purchased Cost per Unit
0-20 $188.00 per athlete/unit
21-40 $176.00 per athlete/unit
41-60 $164.00 per athlete/unit
61-80 $152.00 per athlete/unit
81-99 $140.00 per athlete/unit
100+ $128.00 per athlete/unit

Please note this is a linear pricing model eg. If you purchase 30 units, you will pay $188 for the first 20 and $176 for the other 10 (21-30).


Please do not hesitate to email us at to request a personalized quote