Readiness Score

Your Readiness Score tells you how well you are maximizing athlete output while minimizing risk of injury.

Readiness Score gives you a quick overview of how close you are to your Optimal Training Load. TritonWear uses AI to learn about your past training trends and uses established sports science measures to calculate how hard you should train in the coming days to avoid injury risk. 

Readiness Update 080921 (1)

Scores above 75 mean you are training well, and the closer to 100 you are, the closer you are to maximizing your training while staying within the "Safe Zone." Scores under 75 can be caused by over OR undertraining, and the Readiness Score will warn you with a Status warning, as seen below.


To keep your Readiness score as accurate as possible, you should enter RPE (Rate of Perceived Effort) for every workout. During Tapering periods, expect Readiness score to decrease steadily but pay attention to your Status above. It will let you know if you are undertraining (i.e. your change in load has been too dramatic and your Risk of Injury is increasing).

How will this help you improve?

This simple number can help you adjust your future training plans to make sure you can keep pushing yourself and improving while staying in the Safe Zone with less injury risk. TritonWear will give you specific recommendations, and also you can learn to read and interpret your Readiness to Train Graph yourself.

After all, your health and fitness are the most important factor to your success, and "the best ability is availability!"