Removing/ Unassigning Units

Once a swimmer has been assigned a unit, you must unassign that unit from the swimmer if they will no longer be

Triton 2 Units are meant to be used by the same athlete over the long term. This is because the unit has A.I. that learns about the swimmer's unique movement style and performance, and becomes more accurate with that athlete over time.

However there are moments when a swimmer will no longer be using a unit for many reasons, and these are the steps you need to follow to remove that unit from its pairing with the swimmer.

This has been designed to be done on a laptop or desktop computer from any compatible browser.

Unassigning units from a Browser

  1. Navigate to TritonWear from any supported web browsers.
  2. Click your name in the top right corner of the screen, and select Settings from the main drop down menu.
  3. In you Settings you will have many options, make sure you are in your Memberships section which looks like this:
    Desktop - Settings - Memberships
  4. Here you will see all your paid memberships, and the Units that are assigned, unassigned, and deactivated. In the bottom left, you see a column for Membership Summary and a list of all assigned units alongside their Username. Here you can find the unit you want to remove from a user and press Unassign.
  5. Once you receive a success response, you can then reassign that unit if you wish.