Speed Overwater

A look at how TritonWear measures Speed Overwater, what is considered good vs bad, and how to improve it.

What is Speed Overwater? 

Speed overwater is a measure of how fast you move through the water during the stroking phase of each lap. It is measured in meters or yards per second. This is an output metric, which is impacted by others such as DPS, stroke rate, and breathing. 

How is it measured? 

This is calculated from the breakout point, or the moment the head exits the water, until the last stroke entry of the final stroke before the turn or rep finish. 

What is a good Overwater Speed? 

 You want to increase your overwater speed as much as possible. Check out the chart below to find your ideal range. 

Typical Ranges

Find your preferred stroke and pool length below to see where you sit within the range for your personal overwater speed.

Speed OW

How to Improve this metric? 

Overwater Speed is improved through other metrics, on it's own it is not a metric you should focus on for technique improvement. The key to improving overwater speed is finding your own personal balance of stroke rate, DPS, and breathing.