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Start, Turn & Stroke Types

Curious what types of events we capture along with your metrics? look no further, this is an exhaustive list, including how we classify the different turn types.

Split Stroke Type

Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle, Kick, IM and Mixed

Start Type

Dive vs push start 

Turn Type

Currently, the TritonWear system supports three turn types - flip, open, or crossover/bucket turns. Here is a description of each:

1. Open Turn 

An Open Turn is a turn where the swimmer touches the wall, with one or two hands depending on the requirement for the stroke, and brings legs to the wall in a tuck-like position, then turning on the wall to face the opposite end of the pool and pushes off in a streamline to begin a new lap. Butterfly and breaststroke swimmers must touch with two hands, then one arm is typically dropped into the water to begin the turn while the other comes past the head to complete the turnaround from the wall and then the swimmer will push off into a streamline.

2. Flip Turn (aka Tumble Turn)

A Flip Turn is a turn where the swimmer swims to the end wall, tucks, does a forward flip, and pushes off in a streamline. While typically only executed during the backstroke or freestyle strokes, it is legal in all events provided that in butterfly and breaststroke both hands touch the wall simultaneously and immediately prior to the turn.

3. Bucket / Crossover Turn (aka Suicide Turn) 

A Bucket / Crossover Turn is a turn used in the individual medley when changing from backstroke to breaststroke. The turn involves a touch on the wall in the backstroke, followed by a backflip which puts you in a position to push off into breaststroke.


  • Turn Types require that your Triton units have firmware version v1.1.10 or higher, and your Triton Connects have firmware version v.1.1.0 or higher
  • To see Turn Types on TritonWear Live (the mobile app), make sure you are using the latest version of the app