Team Roles

Understand what each role within a team is authorized to do and what limitations each role has.

When joining a team in TritonWear you will be assigned to some role that will either give you permissions to take certain actions or will limit you from doing certain things. If you create a brand new team from the top level you will be that team's Owner. You can then invite other's to join your team as Coaches or Athletes. You can also assign some users to be Support Staff members (with very limited, view-only type permission) or fellow Admins with similar permission levels to yourself.

Belo is a chart demosntrating each role's permissions, follow by more detailed descriptions.



Admins have the most permissions within the app. This role is designed for head coaches and administrators who need to be able to see everyone's results and who need to be able to manage team members, including coaches. They can see results and scores for all team members down the team structure/hierarchy from where they have been appointed as Admins.


Designed for Coaches who should have viewing permissions and control of team members at a more specific and local level within the team structure. Coaches can invite, accept invites, manage team member roles, create sub-teams, run workouts, etc.

Any coach within a team can create a sub-team, and manage members (including other coaches and Admins). The main difference between a Coach and an Admin, is that a Coach CANNOT see the information for teams down the team sturcture/hierarchy unless they are specifically added to that team as well.


Athlete Role is quite limited and designed for the swimmers who wish to swim in group sessions with their teammates. They can both create and participate in Live Activities with their teammmates. On a team, an athlete can only view their own info and the results for those other athletes who have chosen to share their data.


Support is close to a "View Only" role. It is meant for team administrators, doctors, or others who wish to be able to view team data and results for a specific team, but who will not be tracking any workouts with TritonWear themselves.