Triton 2 Power Button Functions

Turning a Triton 2 unit on and off sounds simple, but there are a few different modes you can trigger with the power button.

From the Triton 2 Lights article, we know that blue lights mean a unit is ready and waiting, green means the unit is in an active workout, and purple means it's ready to update. 

When turning your Triton 2 on and off, it is very easy to accidentally enter update mode, rather than ready. This video tutorial will teach you how to turn it on and off correctly, and how to recover if you do end up in update mode.


Turning a unit on and off


The Triton 2 units have a power save mode built in, so if a unit is in ready mode (blue light) and does not move for at least 30 minutes, it will automatically turn itself off to help preserve battery life.

Power mode only functions if the unit is in ready mode (blue light), if the unit is in an active workout (green light) or in update mode (purple blinking light) the unit will not shut off until the battery has fully drained.