Triton Score

Triton Score is an aggregate of all your scores and metrics that shows you how well you're training. Let's dive in and guide you on how to make the best use of your Triton Score.

After every workout TritonWear's algorithms simplify huge amounts of data into one easily understandable number that summarizes how your workout has gone.


This is calculated by averaging out your three other performance scores:

Readiness + Focus + Intensity = Triton Score

Or in other words:

Optimal Training Load + Best Technical Skill Execution + Maximum Intensity = Better Training

How will this help you to improve:

Triton Score works as a summary and as a snapshot. It will let you know if you had a good, or poor workout.

    • If you are getting high scores (75-100), then your training is going well.
    • If your score begins to trend downward, then you will need to dive deeper into the other scores and recommendations TritonWear provides.
    • Triton Score is a combination of your Focus, Readiness, and Intensity scores, and it will be easy to see which of those three scores is bringing your Triton Score down.
    • You can look further into those lower scores to learn why this is happening, and help you adjust your training accordingly to keep improving and to avoid stagnation or injury.