Unlocking your Scores

TritonWear's Algorithms will automatically analyze your training and give you Scores to tell you how well you trained. If you are new, keep swimming to unlock these.

To give you your Readiness, Focus and Intensity Scores TritonWear needs to learn a little bit about you first. A lot of the calculations behind those scores are based on learning about your average speeds, performances, and training habits. So those scores will start slowly being unlocked, starting after your first workout and reaching their final development 1 month later if you have used it consistently.

Don't use TritonWear for just some particular sets, but for all training in and out of the pool for optimal results. As TritonWear learns more about your performances it will also learn to recognize outliers, errors and anomalous data, and create a more accurate profile of who you are as a swimmer.


Readiness will give you a score for your training load in the first week but this will be based solely on your distances swam. After the first week, it has enough information to give you a more accurate score, taking into account RPE and previous training loads, and after 28 days it has a full picture of your usual training load, to help estimate your current injury risk. Recording all workouts done without TritonWear as Manual Workouts and entering your RPE after every swim will help calculate your injury risk most accurately.


For Focus to calculate your scores evaluating your speed, skill performances and changes over time, it needs to learn about your swimming. To begin it needs over 20 laps completed of a particular stroke type and at least 5 practices. After you have completed 5 practices, each stroke type will unlock as you complete at least 20 laps to provide your stroke score and associated Focus metrics. If there is a stroke type you never practice, you will never get a score for it. Twenty laps are just the beginning, the more you swim the better it learns about your movement, styles, and averages, and the more accurate it will be.


Intensity will give you a score immediately but it will be based solely on Distance and Active vs Rest time. The Intensity per stroke and Intensity per lap portions (ie. speed) of it will be unlocked at the same time as Focus is unlocked as they both require the same prerequisites to create an average profile of you as a swimmer.

Triton Score

Your Triton Score is a combination of the three scores above. At first, your Triton Score will only reflect your Readiness and Intensity scores, but after you have tracked 5 swims with TritonWear you should start to unlock Focus and the rest of Intensity, and begin to see a more complete Triton Score.