What does Status mean?

Your Status in your Readiness let's you know how your last training went in terms of managing your injury risk

Staying healthy and avoiding injury risk is critical to success in sports. The science behind ACWR tells us that your training load should increase or decrease steadily. Any sharp increase or decrease to your load raises the probability of injuries. Our Readiness tool is designed to alert you when you are overtraining or undertraining.


The Readiness score will give you a score over 75 if you have been training well within your Safe Zone. Your Safe Zone refers to when you are increasing, decreasing, or maintaining your training load in a healthy way without increasing your injury risk unecessarily.

If you are in the Safe Zone, your status will display as Safe. If your Readiness score is under 75, then something is wrong and your Status will let you know if you are Overtraining, or Undertaining.