Why it's important to register your correct personal information

To accurately build your swimmer profile, and compare you to your peers, TritonWear must know your height, birthday, and gender.

TritonWear's A.I. learns about your style, movements, and speeds to build a profile of you as a swimmer so it can set a baseline for your average performances. But it is also trying to compare your performance to that of others "Like Me". Apart from your average speeds, height, age, and gender are the biggest factors to consider when looking for appropriate comparisons for yourself. 

  • Height: Studies have shown there is a large correlation between height and expected swim speeds. If you are an age group swimmer that is still growing, it is recommended to keep this updated  in your Account Preferences as well as you can.
  • Birthday: Age is another important factor to determine who you can be compared to. The most important thing is that you set the correct birth year. If you do not want to share your exact birth date that is okay, you can pick another day in the correct month and year. 
  • Gender: TritonWear supports non-binary and trans athletes. We suggest that people select their gender based on the gender they compete as, in order for TritonWear to calculate your scores compared to your potential competitors.