Why it is important to enter RPE after every workout

After workouts you will be asked to enter a RPE that helps us measure how difficult the workout felt to you.

For the Readiness Score to monitor your workout loads and injury risk most accurately, the self-reporting of RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion) is essential. Including RPE in Readiness provides a more comprehensive view of an athlete's overall well-being. It adds the qualitative factor of how did it feel, to combine with the raw numbers and stats the system collects. Without this, a true load monitoring tool such as Readiness will be less accurate.

RPE should be entered for every single workout but a certain number can be missing this as a margin for error. The default is that 75% of workouts must have an RPE entered. If less than 75% of your workouts have RPE entered, Readiness will calculate solely on distances swam. This is considered less accurate and can raise your injury risk if you do not know if you are over or undertraining. Click here to learn more about how Readiness is calculated.