Ending a Workout

How to end a workout to ensure data is transferred to an athlete's profile quickly and correctly.

Ending a Live Activity 

To end a Live Activity on the TritonWear app, there are 2 simple steps. The experience is the same on tablet or mobile. 

BUG ALERT: there is an issue with saving data transferred during end workout. Any data transferred after you hit the Finish button seen below will not be saved to your workout. To ensure all of your data is saved for every workout, please wait for the light on each Triton Unit to return to green before hitting finish. 

If any of your units are stuck, please force close and re-open the app to enter workout recovery

Step 1: Click the Finish button Finish Button located next to workout time.

WARNING: Do not use the stop button Asset 27 from the individual view, this only ends the connection between the unit and app for that user. It does not end the workout. 


Once you stop the workout data will continue to transfer from the athletes' units to the tablet. You will be able to see the status of each athlete's progress on their card in the app like this: 



There are several card states you may encounter: 

  • Retrieving metrics - the unit light is still yellow and data is actively flowing into the app. 
  • Ending Workout - All data has been retrieved and the app is wrapping up, the unit light is green.
  • Workout complete - The workout is finished and ready for the session to end. 
  • We can't wrap this up - if a unit's battery dies or a swimmer leaves the workout early you may see this. Simply press End Now and the card will switch to workout complete.
  • We're still missing metrics - if metrics get stuck on a unit while transferring to the app you'll see this message and the light on the unit will still be yellow. Hit retry repeatedly to retrieve all of the data (it can take up to 10 retries to pull all data). If desired you may hit save at any time; any remaining data on the unit will be discarded and the workout will wrap up with what was retrieved. 
  • Oops, that's not right - This is a catch-all error card if the workout is unable to complete for any other reason. If the unit is no longer in range, or the light is green, simply hit cancel and the workout will wrap up. If the light is yellow you can hit retry to see if it will reconnect and wrap up. If after several retry attempts the light remains yellow, simply hit cancel and the workout will complete with what data had been successfully transferred. 

Step 2: Tap finish to wrap up your entire session.

Once all athlete tiles show Workout Complete, you must hit the finish button or the session will not complete. 

    When you finish wrapping up your session, you will automatically land back into the Activity Feed. If you are connected to the internet, the Live Activity will begin syncing.  As a next step, you can enter or skip the Workout Rating to view the Triton Scores and Activity Details.

    If you don't have access to the internet, don't worry, the workout will save to your tablet and sync later. 


    Note: We highly recommend syncing your app as often as possible, ideally every day. This will save space on your tablet and allow athletes to access their workout data right away.

    Leaving a Workout Early 

    If a swimmer on your team has to end their workout early, first check to see the light on their unit.

    • If the light is green, ignore the error message in the app; the data will transfer properly.
    • However, if the light on the unit is yellow, the connection between the unit and the tablet is frozen, and it needs to be reset. It's vital NOT to turn the unit off until this data has been retrieved, as this will lose any data not yet transferred. To reset the connection, either hold the unit underwater for 3 minutes or have the athlete take the unit with them to the change room while they change and then return on deck before leaving. Check the app and unit light again; the athlete card should finish up, and you should see the unit light turn green. If it does not, you may need to force close and reopen the app to get it to reconnect. Do not worry, this will not affect the remainder of your athletes.