Triton 1 - Creating your Team

  1. After purchasing your Triton unit(s) and profiles an email will be sent to you with information on how to log in and set up your account.
  2. After you've successfully registered your team, and created your profile, log in to TritonWear Insights to invite swimmers to your team. You will see your profiles listed under Settings. Select a profile, input a swimmer's email address and invite them to the team. They'll receive an email prompting them to register.
  3. Download the TritonWear Live (mobile app) onto your Apple iPad or Android tablet.
  4. Log in to TritonWear Live and sync your information before heading to your first pool session (in case you don't have internet access at the pool).
  5. Start your first workout — it's a cinch when you follow the setup guide in the app!
Click here to make sure you have the minimum hardware and software requirements to use the TritonWear system.