Checking Firmware Version

We've really simplified how you update units, and we will always let you know when a new firmware build is available. But if you're curious how to find out on your own, here's how.

The firmware on your Triton 2 unit will be updated regularly to introduce new metrics, improve data accuracy and add new features. Keeping the firmware on your unit up to date will give you the best experience and help you get the most out of your TritonWear investment. 

There are ways to check your firmware version, you can either log into TritonWear on a computer browser or tablet app or check from your mobile phone app.

To actually update units you must be on a mobile device with both an internet connection and Bluetooth connectivity enabled.

Checking on a Browser (computer or tablet)

  1. Navigate to Settings on TritonWear from any of these acceptable web browsers. To do so, click your name in the top right corner of the screen, select Settings from the dropdown
  2. Switch to the Devices tab
  3. The currently loaded firmware version will be listed in the column labeled "Version", which the latest firmware version will be in the rightmost column labeled "Update"
  4. If a unit is on the latest firmware version already there will be a green checkmark under update. If there is an updated version available, the version name will be listed.
Remember, from a browser on a laptop or desktop computer, you will NOT be able to update the firmware. You MUST switch to a mobile device (tablet or phone) to complete the update.  


Checking on a Mobile Device 

  1. Open the TritonWear app on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to the Users page. To do so, click the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) in the top left corner, select Settings - Devices - Unit Management.
  3. The currently loaded firmware version will be listed on the second line beneath the assigned athlete's name. The latest firmware version, or a green checkmark and "Up to date" will be on the third row beneath the currently loaded version name. 
  4. If a unit has firmware that is out of date, follow these instructions from a compatible mobile phone or tablet to complete the firmware update.