Ending a workout

How you complete a workout is just as important as how you start it, to ensure data is transferred to athlete's profiles quickly

Once a workout is complete, end the workout on your TritonWear app by clicking the stop button located to the right of the workout timer.

After you confirm that you want to end the workout, a modal will show up, allowing you to:

  • Review any photos or videos uploaded to the workout
  • See a list of the athletes involved in the workout 
  • If Distance + RPE tracking is enabled for Load Monitoring, each athlete must rate intensity of the workout

If you have an internet connection at the pool, the workout will immediately begin syncing once you've confirmed you'd like it to end. But

If you do not have access to the internet at the time, don't worry, the workout will sync the next time you open the app while on wifi.

Note: We highly recommend syncing your app as often as possible, ideally every day. This will both save space on your tablet and allow athletes to access their workout data right away.