How do I sync the video to the graph and motion data?

For the best motion analysis experience, it’s important the video be perfectly aligned with the motion data from the unit. Due to the nature of clocks (yes, even digital ones) our automatic synchronization delivers near perfection. But don’t worry, we’ve made it really easy for you to get it the rest of the way there.

  1. As soon as the video starts recording, just before swimming, have the swimmer tap the unit twice. This creates a clear spike in the data, which can then be used to align the video
  2. Once the motion analysis session is available for review on the tablet:
  • Hit Play, then pause the video right before the tap on the unit. To find the exact spot, slow down the video playback speed using the slider, or step through the video frame by frame using these buttons:
MA buttons_frame
  • Once you’ve got to the right video frame, click the snap button
Nudge graph snap
  • Tap on the peak of the first spike in the graph below to set the cursor at that location on the graph. If it’s tough to see, you can always pinch the graph to zoom in a bit
  • If you don’t quite hit the mark on the first try, no sweat, just tap the nudge + or - to find the exact spot, or restart by tapping the snap icon and try again till you get it right

The video will now be perfectly aligned with the graph.