How Teams Work

TritonWear Teams is a fun way to engage with swimmers, teammates, friends in other groups, or your workout buddies.

Whether you’re a coach creating a team to track and encourage better training or an individual swimmer looking to join a team to motivate yourself and others, it’s super easy to do. 

There are two ways to engage with Teams in TritonWear; you can either create a team and be the team manager or join an existing team as a member. No matter what you choose, here are a few key points to keep in mind.

  1. Creating a Team 

    • You can create a team or as many as you want, but you cannot delete a team without the help of TritonWear Support.

    • When you create a team, you are a team admin. Therefore, you will be responsible for managing team members and developing the overall team structure.

    • You can assign Admin, Coach, Athlete, or Support Staff roles to your team members to help you manage the team.

    • You can create teams within teams, such as subdivisions, regions, or squads. This allows teams to mimic real-life structures from National Federations to local clubs or schools.

    • If you're in the midst of move-ups, you can also move athletes between teams (squads).
    • Remember, if you create a team (e.g. squad) outside of an existing team structure (e.g. club),  they cannot be merged. The team has to be created within the Team Structure from the outset.

    • Most importantly, you're able to track performance for your entire team by simply looking at each Athlete’s Triton Score. Then, for more insights into their training, you can dive deeper into their Focus, Readiness and Intensity.

  1. Joining a Team

    • You can join a team (or as many as you want) the same way you accept requests on social media. You simply accept an invite to join from the push notification or email you receive from a coach on that team.
    • As a team member, you have complete control over what other athletes and teammates can see. If, for example, they can see just your name, or have access to you Triton Scores, Activity Details and detailed scores.
    • Remember, all Coaches, Admins, and Support staff on your teams have access to your Activity details and TritonScores at all times.
  2. Leaving a Team

    • Similar to joining a team, you are in complete control of the teams you are on, and if at any time you no longer want to be a part of any given team (even if you created it), you have the ability to leave a team
  3. Moving members to other connected teams

    • Once a user has accepted your invite to one of your teams, you are able to add them to any of your other teams without requiring another acceptance. 
    • To do this, simply tap the pencil on the members tab, select the users you want to move to another team, tap change team and select the team you want to add them to and tap done. This will add these users to the new team, while leaving them on the existing team.
    • If you want to remove them from the original team, simply select them again and hit the remove button. Confirm the action and you're done!