How to Access Team Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports offer insights into swimmers' performance and are crucial for training. Learn how to access them and what to expect.

Your team's first weekly report will be ready to generate 28 days after the first recorded workout. Depending on when this occurs, it may take up to 35 days to display, as reports are generated every Sunday.

📵Weekly reports are not available on mobile devices - yet. If you tap on reports in the app on a phone, you'll see a message saying, "Your team performance is too big for a small screen." This will be added in a future update. 

For now, access your weekly reports on an iPad or by logging in on a computer.  


  1. Start by logging into your account, either on your iPad or on a computer
  2. On the home page, switch the toggle at the top from "Myself" to "Team".
  3. Next to the activities feed, click on the "Analysis" tab.
  4. Under the Analysis tab, click on "Reports" to access the recovery, effort, and skills insights for your team from last week.

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Accessing Reports Through Team Admin View

  1. From your admin dashboard, select the team/group you want to review.
  2. Go to the activities feed for the selected team/group.
  3. Next to the activities feed, click on the "Analysis" tab.
  4. Under the Analysis tab, select "Reports" to view the detailed weekly insights for your group.

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Why is a workout from last week not included?

Handling Slow Syncing and Missing Workout Ratings

  • Missing workouts: Any workout that hasn't finished syncing before the report is generated (Sunday at 6 a.m. EST) will not be included. But don't worry! They'll be added to the report the next day at 6 a.m. EST as soon as they finish syncing. 
  • Missing workout ratings: If an athlete rates a workout from the previous week after 6 a.m. EST on Sunday, your report will update to include their newly generated scores at 6 a.m. EST the following day.
  • No Workouts Last Week: If no workouts were recorded for the previous week, you'll see a message encouraging your team to "Keep Swimming."

🤓To ensure all workouts sync quickly, keep your activity feed visible on your phone or tablet screen for 5-10 minutes after the workout has wrapped up completely. You'll know your workout is fully synced if you log into TritonWear on a computer and can see the workout. 

By following these steps, you can easily access your Team Weekly Reports and leverage the detailed insights to keep your athletes on track and continuously improving.