How to Interpret Your Training Load Graph

The Training Load Graph provides a detailed overview of an athlete or a team’s load monitoring data, and by extension their readiness to train.

Each bar represents load for the past 7 days. The lighter, transparent colour is the average load over the past 7 days, and the darker colour is the actual load incurred during training for that day. Hover over the bar to view more data for the day/week. You can read more about the different training load methods here

Training load graph updated

Until enough data is recorded (28 days of consistent tracking), all bars will be blue. Once enough data has been collected, the bars will turn green, yellow or red, based on activity.

Even if you enter data for workouts prior to the beginning of your account, they will not be considered as part of your 28 days of collection. This begins from the first workout recorded after the account is created. 

The green band behind the bars represents “the sweet spot”. This is the training load that athletes need to target to achieve peak performance and lower risks of injury.

  • A green bar indicates that the selected athlete(s) hit their optimal load.
  • A red bar indicates that the selected athlete(s) exceeded their optimal load (i.e. overtrained). Decrease their load in the following days to bring them back into the green zone
  • An amber bar indicates that the selected athlete(s) fell short of their optimal load (undertrained). Increase their load in the following days to bring them back into the green zone.

The goal is to consistently stay green. When you hit a red or amber bar, you can find suggested training load, including volume and intensity recommendations, by turning on the Show Projections toggle, or clicking Tomorrow’s Target Load. Read more about hitting your target load here.

Customize your graph:

  • Set date range (all, 1 year, 4 months, custom)
  • Turn on toggle to view Monotony, Strain, Mean Distance, Mean RPE, and ACWR
  • View data for a specific athlete, or amalgamated data for multiple athletes or groups (For coaches)