How to use Focus over time

Want to know how overall skills are progressing over time. Focus Over Time is the answer.

Your main Focus Score is a summary of how you performed in your most recent workout tracked with TritonWear. If you want to see how your overall Focus, Focus by Stroke Type, or by stroke type and phase has varied over time then you need to look at Focus Over Time time inside your Focus section.

Access Focus from your main Dashboard, or from any individual activity card. At the bottom, you will see a Focus over Time graph. You can choose to loop at the top level focus score over time, or dive deeper to view your over time performance by stroke type and further still by phase (Underwater, Overwater or Transitions). In addition, you can choose to view the past month, 4 months or 12 months.  


No matter the view, the ideal result is a consistent 75 or higher score. This means skills are being acquired, and performance should be improving at meets.