How to use Intensity over time

Intensity tells you how hard you worked in a single workout, so your Intensity over time graph gives you an overview of your past Intensity Scores

Your main Intensity Score summarizes how hard a workout is. To see how Intensity has varied over the past 1, 4 or 12 months look at the Intensity over time graph located at the bottom of the Intensity page for any workout.

intensity over time

You can see how your overall workout Intensities vary day to day and at different points during the season. You generally want to see a lot of variety week to week, as this indicates training is targeting different energy systems. The Higher the score, the harder that workout was. Workouts break out by type as the scores change:

Workout Type (purpose) Triton Score Range
Recovery < 61
Moderate 61 - 70
Vigorous 71 - 80
Hard 81 - 94
Max Effort 95 - 100

Intensity should reflect your training plan. In a build-up period, volume and/or speed will increase, in combination with rest reduction. During taper, the opposite trend will come through.