How to use Readiness over time

Readiness over time graph gives you an overview of your past Readiness Scores

Your main Readiness Score summarizes how well you trained in terms of load management and avoiding Injury Risk Increases. If you want to see how your Readiness has varied over the last couple of weeks, you need to look at your Readiness over Time graph.

On mobile, you need to navigate to your Readiness Section from your main Dashboard. At the bottom of that section, you will see the below summary, which you can open larger by clicking on the blue arrow in the top right of that tile.


By opening that, you will see the below chart. This chart is automatically open on tablet and PC/Desktop.

Triton Score - Athlete Profile - Readiness over time-1

This will let you see your past performances and advise how you can manage your Readiness in the coming days. Your goal should be to have Readiness Scores that are in the safe zone after every workout. This will help you avoid injuries and keep you healthy and in the pool!

Remember that for the most accurate Readiness Score and advice to keep you healthy; you should be entering your RPE after every Activity and entering every workout into TritonWear.