Jan-2018: TritonWear Live and Insights Update

A summary of all the updates applied in January 2018. From adding a new metric - SWOLF Score, to adding the ability to take video in the app, select rep as it happens as a view, and see workout distance as a Rep Tile Metric.

New Metric



SWOLF score is a common measure used to calculate a swimmer's efficiency. While not as detailed as the Stroke Index metric, it is still a commonly used index - one that was much requested on the platform.

Coaches: Update to the latest version of TritonWear Live to start collecting SWOLF score for your athletes.

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TritonWear Live Updates

Video Uploads

video recording

In our previous update, we introduced using the TritonWear Live app to take pictures during a TritonWear training session. We've now expanded this to include taking video as well.

As a coach, you can now take videos of your swimmers during a training session, and match them up to data right in the app. This opens up a whole new series of training use cases for you to provide personalized feedback to your athletes.

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View Rep information as it happens


Until now, you would only see Rep updates on the tiles after the Rep ended. This forced you to go into the Individual view for each athlete to gauge how they were doing during long reps, which wasn’t the most efficient.

With this update, you can now select how rep information is updated, and we’ve made it easy for you. In the Settings menu, there are two options under the Athlete Tiles section - "Last Completed Rep" and "Current Rep, as it Happens". The former is the current default mode, but if you want to see current rep information updating at the end of each lap, the latter is what you need!

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Workout Distance is now a Rep Tile metric

With our previous update, if you just wanted to monitor a swimmer's total distance, the only way to do so was to click on the individual swimmer, to see total distance swam in the Individual View.

We've now added Workout Distance into the Tile view as a selectable Rep metric. When Workout Distance is set in the Rep area for a swimmer, you will get a running total of the swimmer's distance, allowing you to continue monitoring other swimmers in the tile view as well.

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • SWOLF Metric support
  • Added easy selection login dropdown for teams that share iPads between coaches
  • Added improved logging to capture in-field issues

TritonWear Insights Update

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes

  • SWOLF Metric support
  • Full support for Photo / Video Uploads
  • Increased total number of sets that can be compared to 16 from 8
  • Update Licenses screen to show total, active and available licenses (Coaches Only)
  • Added resend invite option in Licenses screen (Coaches Only)
  • Added Workout date / time information into view when comparing sets from different workouts