Modifying Workouts

Sometimes data is captured in unexpected ways or we would rather view it in another format. Not to worry, there are simple ways to customize how your workouts display.

There are times where you as a coach may want to modify a workout generated by the TritonWear system, such as:

  • The workout contained some unsupported swim styles (e.g. drills, stroke variants), and you want to change the values or delete those sets altogether
  • The wrong swimmer was chosen during the pairing process, and you want to reassign the workout to another athlete
  • The swimmer missed their pace time which caused the TritonWear system to merge two reps, and you want to split the rep
  • And many more

Here are the different ways you can modify a workout:

  1. Delete a workout - Completely deletes the workout from our system. The workout will no longer show up in the historical screens.
  2. Delete a set/rep/lap - Deletes a set/rep/length that wasn't supposed to be captured by the system. Possible reasons for this could be that the workout was mistakenly in play mode, or there were drills in the workout that you don't want to be logged. 
  3. Duplicate a set/rep/lap - Most commonly used to modify a rep where the swimmer missed their pace time (or the pace time was too short for our algorithms to differentiate between an open turn and a swim end). Here you can duplicate the rep in question and delete lengths from the previous and current rep to match the actual workout. 
  4. Modify a metric - Our algorithm is broadly accurate, however, there are times when our metrics might be a little off. This allows the coach to modify a metric (split time, stroke count, or something else) to reflect the actual value. 
  5. Reassign a workout - Assign a workout to a different athlete if the wrong swimmer was selected during the workout session. 


  • Modifying workouts is restricted to coaches — athletes aren't unable to modify workouts.