TritonWear for Open Water or Triathletes

Is TritonWear Suitable for Open Water Swimming? Does it Benefit Triathletes?

Many high-performance triathletes and open-water swimmers use TritonWear. Trackable swim workouts in pools provide a way for triathletes to benefit from the system. By using TritonWear, you'll gain a better understanding of your skill improvement and your fitness level.

Furthermore, TritonWear allows you to enter your open water, dryland and gym workouts by inputting exercise duration, distance, and RPE. This in turn helps calculate your load so you can adjust your volume and intensity to enhance your performance.

Additionally, once the GPS feature is developed for open-water swims, you will have the ability to track those workouts as well. This information can help you adjust your training based on your individual progress.