Pairing Heart Rate Devices

To use the Polar Heart Rate Verity Sense monitors with TritonWear you need to pair them with your account first. Let's learn how.

For a Heart Rate monitor to be added to a live training session, it first needs to be paired with the coach's account.  Once paired the Heart Rate monitor can be linked or lent to any swimmer during the setup phase of a live-tracked workout. 

Pairing heart rate monitors with your account is very easy, and you can even rename the units once paired, so it's easier to recognize them when starting a workout. 

Let's dig in! 

First, log into the TritonWear app on your compatible Apple or Android tablet or phone. 

  1. Click on the gear icon (gear icon) and select preferences, then tap on the devices tab across the top of the screen.

You better be connected to the internet if you want to access this page 😉


2. Turn on your Polar Verity Sense unit and click "Scan for new devices." 


3. The app will return all Polar Verity Sense units close by and turned on. Select the check box next to each device you want to pair with your account, and click link. 


Voila, you're good to start tracking Heart Rate.