Planned Intensity - Volume

How to select the right amount of volume for different workout types.

Planning workout intensity is integral in engaging the desired energy system. To do it right, you'll need to plan a specific combination of Volume, Rest, and Speed: 

  • Volume is the total distance swam across throughout the entire workout
  • Rep intervals decide Rest levels
  • Speed is set by indicating the desired pace for a given rep or set. 

What is the difference between Pace and Interval? 

  • Pace is the amount of time a swimmer takes to swim a single rep
  • Interval is pace + rest time

When setting planned intensity, you can customize the volume level by moving the slider. How much volume you plan for a workout is a byproduct of the energy system you want to engage. Once you've decided what you're aiming for, you can plan volume based on your typical average (your normal).

Workout Type Default Volume Min Volume Max Volume
Recovery Light Very Light Normal
Aerobic Heavy Normal Very Heavy
Threshold Normal Light Heavy
Speed  Light Very Light Normal

Reminder: if you set your volume slider outside of these min/max settings, we'll explain in red warning text why that setting isn't ideal. 

For a little more context, the volume levels correlate to around these distance scores:

Volume Distance Score
Very Light 30
Light 45
Normal 80
Heavy 105
Very Heavy 120