Prepping Units for the First Workout

Here's a summary of all the steps needed before a unit is ready for the first practice.

Step One: Charge Your Unit(s)

Your unit will arrive with some charge, but you should plug it in until it is fully charged before heading to the pool. How will you know it's fully charged? The light will stop blinking. 😉

Did you know your unit has different lights designed to tell you what state the unit is in? Click here to learn more.

Step Two: Activate Your Unit(s)

NOTE: Only the original membership purchaser can activate units from the email address used to purchase the membership on a computer using Google Chrome.

 If you have received a Triton unit, please check with the person who gave it to you and ask them to activate and assign it to you. 

Before assigning units to swimmers, you must be associated with them through a team. Once that association exists you can add units from your memberships page manually from a browser on a computer or automatically on a tablet or phone from within the TritonWear app. 

Step Three: Assigning Your Unit(s)

The next step in prepping your unit for the first workout is to assign it to the athlete who will use it every day, be that yourself or someone else. This is key for a couple of reasons: 

  • The unit will be specifically assigned to one individual athlete.
  • It will learn the athlete's unique swimming style and consistently improve data collection over time as a result.
  • Consistent data for each athlete enables TritonWear to make better recommendations for training in general. 

Note: Only the unit owner can assign a unit to a user. If you did not activate a unit, you will not have any unassigned units reflected on your account, so you will not be able to assign it. 

Step Four: Update Firmware 

Your unit arrives without any firmware installed to ensure you start with the latest version. Once you've activated and assigned your unit, the final step is to update the firmware, so it is ready to go when you are. This can only be done from the TritonWear app on a tablet or mobile device.

Anyone who owns a unit, or has one assigned can update the firmware.