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Prepping Units for the First Workout

A summary of all the steps needed before a unit is ready for the first practice, and links to additional information for each step.

Your Triton 2 unit has a really important job to do when it comes to helping you swim faster, so there are a few key steps to take when you first receive it to make sure it will shine for you. 

Charging Unit 

Your unit will arrive with some charge, but it is best to plug it in to get it to a full charge before heading to the pool. 

Activating Units

The first activity to connect your unit to your team is activating it. This is the process of telling your TritonWear account what unit to look for at each practice, and for telling your unit what team it should report to. 

Updating Firmware 

Your unit will arrive without any firmware installed, to ensure you start off with the latest version. So once you've activated your unit, the next step is to update the firmware so it ready to go when you are. 

Pairing units to athletes 

The last step in prepping your unit for the first workout is to pair it with the athlete who will use it every day. This is key for a couple of reasons: 

  • The unit will be specifically assigned to one individual, so it can automatically begin tracking training at each practice, without having to be assigned
  • The unit will learn the unique swimming style of the athlete who wears it every day and consistently improve data collection as a result 
  • Having consistent data coming in for a single athlete will enable our AI to make better recommendations for load, goal setting, and training in general.