Privacy Settings

Know who can see your data and your results and control your settings.

Any personal information you submit to TritonWear is not available to be viewed by any other member of TritonWear. Only your name and swim results can be viewed by coaches and admins on teams you have joined and by your teammates if you have selected to share that information (see the instructions below).

Coaches, Admins or Parents

When you join a team, anyone with a Coach or Admin role in that team or organization will be able to view an athlete's name, Triton Scores, and Activity Details. The way teams can be structured with multiple levels or a hierarchy, will mean Coaches and Admins in upper levels will be able to view your results as well.


You can control if other athletes and teammates can see your name, Triton Scores, and Activity Details.

How to control what your swim friends can or can't see?

In your main menu you should go to your Settings and within your settings, your User Permissions. You will see all your team memberships displayed and you can select who you want to share your information with per team, whether that be sharing with "Everyone" or just "Coaches."

Here you can also choose to Leave a Team if you are no longer swimming with them or no longer wish to share your information with them.

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