Push Max Accel

What is Push Max Accel? 

This metric measures the peak acceleration during the push-off phase of a transition between lengths. 

How is it measured? 

Push Max Accel is measured using our accelerometer readings to identify the fastest point of acceleration recorded during the push-off, which occurs from the moment push begins to be exerted against the wall until the feet leave the wall. The output is measured in m/s^2 (meters per second squared).

What is a good Push Max Accel? 

The moment you leave the wall is the fastest you will be going throughout the entire length, so the more acceleration you can produce on a push the better. See the typical ranges chart below to identify where your acceleration should be falling for your preferred stroke and pool length combination. 

Typical Push Max Accel Ranges

Check out the chart below to see where you stack up compared to typical swimmers for your preferred stroke and pool type. 

Push Max Accel

How to Improve this metric? 

There is a balance to be struck between the force produced against the wall and getting your body aligned for a good streamline off the wall. If you are not well aligned to streamline off the wall, any amount of acceleration gained from the push will quickly be eradicated with the friction caused by not being in a good position heading out of your turn.

The best way to generate the most acceleration is by executing a tight, quick turn just far enough from the wall that your knees are well bent when your feet hit the wall, so you have the most leverage to push against as you unravel into a tight streamline as fast as possible.