Setting Planned Intensity

Each workout has a plan for how hard it should feel or how depleted the athlete should be.

Recording the planned intensity helps in several ways:

  1. Ensures the planned workout goal is clear and defined to all coaches and swimmers in the workout (especially if running on multiple tablets or phones) 
    1. This helps the team be more honest and intentional in each practice, to achieve better results with each session
  2. Enables a comparison after the workout to the actual intensity for each athlete.
    1. This allows a coach to understand how easy the prescribed workout was for the athletes to interpret and execute. If everyone struggled to high the goal, it may indicate a different communication strategy is required to get to the right work.

Setting planned intensity is dead simple. When starting a workout, this will be the 2nd step if running the workout as an athlete or the 3rd if running as a coach. 

The scale is 0 - 100, with breaks at the following points: 

Workout Intensity Number Workout Intensity Description
0 - 60 Recovery
61 - 70 Moderate
71.- 80 Vigorous
81 - 95 Hard
96 - 100 Max Effort

Simply drag the slider until it's at the desired point on the bar, and tap next to begin adding athletes and heart rate monitors to the workout. 


Note: at this time, planned intensity cannot be edited once it is set. We are looking at options to allow edits up to a certain point in the  workout as part of a future release