Split Time

A look at how TritonWear measures and displays Split Time.

How split time is calculated during training and races

Split time is captured based on start, turn, and end swim characteristics, as outlined below:


The start of a swim is when the swimmer's feet leave the wall (for a push start) or when they start moving up and forward (for a dive start).

TIP: For dive starts, step up to edge, or onto the blocks, then stand upright for a moment before diving so the unit can recognize when swimming actually starts.


During a turn, the end of a split is captured when the swimmer hits the wall (when their hands hit in open or crossover turns, and when their feet hit on flip turns).


The end of a swim is captured when a swimmer hits the wall with their hand and stops swimming.  

TIP: For greatest accuracy, end hard (head down, touch, stop) then return to a vertical head position as quickly as possible and hold relatively still for a moment.