Swim Stroke Icons

A quick overview of the icons we use to represent different swimming strokes, and when you might see them

TritonWear is able to recognize a variety of swimming styles, provided you complete a full length of a stroke. There are different icons you will see for reps and for sets. The colour of that icon will also represent that stroke in some charts. Below is a breakdown of all our swimming icons. 

The following symbols could be seen for Sets, Reps or Laps, provided you complete a full length of the stroke before switching. 


At the rep or set level, you may also see the following icons, as these represent a combination of strokes: 


The Individual Medley icon will be shown when the unit sees IM order at equal distances per stroke type. For instance, a 4x25 IM where each 25 was fly, back, breast, free in that order will show the IM icon for the rep. A mixed stroke occurs when there are multiple strokes, or both strokes and kicking, in a single rep, but not in IM order, or equal distances of each. So if you did a 4x50 free, kick, back, kick this would register as a 4x50 mixed stroke set.

Finally, the last stroke type icon you could see is the board icon, which is used when the unit recognizes solely kicking, of any sort, for a full length, rep or set. Here is the kick icon: