Technical and System Requirements for TritonWear

What devices can I use TritonWear on? What kind of technical requirements do I need to use it?

TritonWear is best used on mobile or tablet for athletes and laptop/PC for coaches, parents or athletes who wish to explore more advanced functions and dive deeper into the details of a athlete's performance or workout history.


Works well on IOS and Android

Bluetooth 5 or higher is necessary (usually found on phones released after 2020)

Ideal for individual swimmers and for small team workouts (2-4 athletes)


Works well on IOS, there is an Android version, but it is not tested nor optimized, use at own risk

Bluetooth 5 or higher is necessary (usually found on tablets released after 2020)

Ideal for following Live workouts and monitoring teams (4+ athletes)

We do not support iPad mini or any tablet smaller than 8". We recommend the current (9th) generation standard iPad.  


Works well on Google Chrome

Works OK on most mainstream browsers (Firefox, Safari, Edge) but is untested and may not behave as expected in some scenarios. 

Ideal for advanced settings, team management, monitoring high numbers of athletes and deeper analysis of performance and history.