Tracking Live Data

What devices can be used, how to get the fastest data returns, how to ensure data accuracy. All the answers you need are in here.

How to start a workout: 

The key to tracking live data is starting a workout, which has to be done within the TritonWear application. You can download it from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You will not be able to start a workout from a browser on any device, or from any type of computer. 

How to get the fastest data return:

Now that you understand you have to use our TritonWear application on your tablet or mobile device. The next logical question is what devices will work best. For the best experience, we recommend any iPad newer than the Air 2 model, or iPhone 7 and up, running iOS 13.3.  Android will be available shortly, but we are not quite ready to release it yet. 

Tricks for better data accuracy: 

TritonWear is known as the most accurate data collection system for swimmers, but there are still ways you can help increase the accuracy of the data you collect. We have compiled a list in this Best Practices help article